10 tips for successfully traveling with your boo

You and your boo have decided on the perfect vacation destination that offers the best of everything: culture, food, nightlife, history, and shopping. But you have never traveled together and you have no idea what to expect.

Travel itself can be stressful and managing another person’s expectations shouldn’t be added pressure. It’s important to have honest conversations so that you return home with your relationship still intact.  

Know each other’s preferences

Person A prefers to stay at an AirBnB property, but Person B loves the amenities hotels offer. Person A loves the window seat while Person B likes the aisle. You should talk about these things before your trip is even booked. Don’t start your vacation on the wrong foot because you’re fighting over the coveted window seat.

Discuss your trip expectations beforehand

What happens when you get to your dream destination and realize you and your partner have different ideas about how to spend your time? You want to sightsee and do as much as you can, while your boo wants to chill poolside at the resort with a cocktail in-hand. Discuss what your priorities are before taking off.  You more than likely have the same baecation goals as your partner. Just make sure before departure.

Talk honestly about money

Money can be one of the biggest issues while on vacation with your boo. Are you splitting costs evenly? Is one person responsible for paying for the accommodations while the other pays for meals? Or are you going half on everything? It’s important to have an honest conversation about how much you’re willing to spend on expenses while traveling so that each person’s expectations are managed.

Recognize each other’s strengths

Who has the better sense of direction? Who’s better at planning? Know each other’s strengths and use them to your advantage. Trust that your partner has both of your best interests in mind.

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Plan but be flexible

Planning when visiting a new place is helpful in maximizing your limited time.  However, you need to be flexible and allow for unexpected occurrences that come along with an unfamiliar city.

Decide what you want to do together or separately

Google places to visit and things to do in your destination. Lay out what you want to do together, but what you may also want to do separately. You may not want to see or do the same activities. And that’s OK!  Do your own research and make sure that you will get the most out of your trip for your own benefit.

Give each other space

It’s perfectly fine if you want to check out a museum or shop when your partner doesn’t. Revel in that alone time. Not only will it give you a chance to for a (much-needed) break from your significant other, but it’ll give you a chance to miss each other and reconnect when you’re back together.

Don’t let little spats turn into big arguments

Compromise, compromise, compromise! Being in a relationship is about putting your partner’s needs first. If your partner prefers a nice dinner before heading out for the night but you’d rather get in as much sightseeing as you possibly can, don’t fight about it. Don’t sacrifice your own preferences too much, but do what you can to keep your partner happy. When each person is happy, it makes for a great time for all.

Kiss and make up

While you can make your best effort to enjoy your trip, arguments are bound to happen. It’s how you deal with the issue that matters most. Don’t let arguments ruin your trip. Make sure you communicate and work through your issues sooner rather than later.

Make lasting memories

Live in the moment. You’ll never get this time back, so savor your time together.

Traveling with a significant other can be stressful, but can also be the time of your life. Not only will your relationship be stronger, but you’ll learn more about each other than ever before. Just be sure to keep these tips in mind before you go!

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