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4 adorable Riley Curry moments of 2016 – #WWRD Steph Curry’s 3-year-old daughter gave us something to remember

Stephen Curry’s oldest daughter melted our hearts last year, and the saga continued this season.

When two-time MVP Curry got into his car after the Golden State Warriors fell to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday’s Game 7 of this year’s NBA Finals, he looked to his daughter Riley for comfort. And she was right there to console him.

“I told Riley we didn’t win. She looked at me and she’s like, ‘I know, it’s OK,’ ” Curry said.

Riley’s personality is fearless, and she’s not afraid to be as expressive as possible.

Check out four “What Would Riley Do” moments.

1.She absolutely encourages her dad when he’s down.

Riley Curry consoled Steph after loss

2. Riley will give the media one mean side-eye, while gesturing that she’s keeping her an eye on them.

Riley Curry has got her eye on you

3. Riley already has a substantial highlight reel. When in doubt, she’ll give you moments of greatness.

Best of Riley Curry

4. Riley will steal all the shine. In two NBA playoff seasons, she’s become the leader in news conference steals.

Riley Curry always steals the show
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