5 of the Messiest Moments on ‘RHOA’

This week’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta had no shortage of shade and we have rounded up five of the messiest moments from this group of frenemies:
Body-Shaming Shade
When Kenya Moore and Shereé Whitfield meet up for a spin class, the beauty queen takes some digs her friend’s figure. Shereé is known for her fit physique, but that didn’t stop Kenya from taking jabs at her weight, joking that Shereé “has a lot of pudding over there.” After the sweat session, the ladies have a sit-down and it’s hard to watch Shereé acting so supportive of Kenya when she’s the first one to talk about her behind her back. How does she still have friends?
Nene’s No No
Nene Leakes plans a “Gays & Girls” party and instructed her girlfriends to bring their best gays. Ummm….no. This is wrong on so many levels. Gay men are not accessories and I’m pretty sure they don’t want to be referred to like party props. Even after Derek J tried to school Nene on her offensive theme, she still didn’t get what the problem was. This woman is pretty clueless. Her shameful streak continues later when we learn she likes to park in handicapped spots. C’mon, Nene. Last we checked your legs worked just fine.
Shady Shereé Strikes Again
Shereé decides to reunite with Kim Zolciak Biermann before the big party at Nene’s house and the ladies get right to the trash talk. Shereé spills tea about Kenya’s new man and Kim insists the mystery man is made up. She’s coming for Kenya and Shereé doesn’t do a thing to stop her, even when she goes below the belt about Kenya’s fertility saying, “Hope she’s not using a 46-year-old, fu%$#ng egg.” Damn.
Why are Shereé and Kim drinking out of red cups? I would think their usually expensive taste could splurge on some more stylish sippy cups for their cocktails? And did they really bring them to the party? Guess money really can’t buy you class.
This Wig Won’t Go Away
Girl Fight
It looks like Kim is ready to rumble when her fight with Kenya goes all the way left. The ladies are trading insults after Kim continues to insist Kenya’s husband isn’t real when the beauty queen goes for the jugular and accuses Kim of pimping out her daughter Brielle, for John Legend tickets. Check out the beginning of their brawl below.
Kenya did have a point, considering Kim’s questionable comment to Chrissy Teigen about her daughter on social media.

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