All Day Podcast: 7/26/16 ‘Too late or not, Michael Jordan talking on the matter is as big as it gets’

A big day for the All Day Podcast as the crew — host Clinton Yates, senior style writer Jill Hudson and senior writer Domonique Foxworth — tackled one of the most popular conversations in the world of sports and culture this week:

On Monday, Michael Jordan wrote a one-page open letter released exclusively to The Undefeated on the recent shootings of African-Americans and the targeting of police officers. Clinton and Jill provide interesting perspectives on how large of an impact a statement such as this could have, given Jordan’s stature in both sports and American society as a whole. Domonique, who filled in on the podcast for staff writer Justin Tinsley for a second straight week, chimes in to discuss the type of stand NFL players could have during the upcoming season. (Check out Domonique’s conversation on race and violence in America with NFL cornerback Richard Sherman.)

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Also on the pod: Justin calls in from Philadelphia, where he’s on the ground at the Democratic National Convention after also covering the Republican National Convention last week. The crew also discusses the new dating app, Smoochr, which has an odd business model that has recently received a lot of criticism.

Last but not least, this week’s opening segment is probably the funniest the gang has ever produced. One-word summary of it: Twerkfest.

Give it a listen, and if you have any feedback or show ideas, feel free to email us at

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