Are we actually ready for the new Gucci? Guwop 2.0 is highlighted in a New York Times feature

If it wasn’t for Gucci, where would we be? That was the question Wednesday, as the hip-hop world discussed exactly what the Atlanta trap god has done for our world in his career. Personally, I’m on record as saying that he is the central tree from which all branches of the rap genres grow, particularly in the South. It became a playlist during the discussion, too. I probably spend too much time talking about him.

But with a fresh New York Times feature titled “Gucci Mane, Buff, Sober, Out of the Pen and Ready to Flow,” (in which he openly admits that he was effectively a drug addict) it’s time to prepare for what we like to refer to as fully weaponized Guwop, who is ready to take over the world and already has the following to do it with a flick of the wrist.

“If it wasn’t for Gucci, a lot of families wouldn’t be so well taken care of,” 2Chainz told Genius, previewing the release of Gucci’s new album on Friday, titled Everybody Looking. “Because, what happens is, you bless an individual artist, and the blessings trickling down, so really, he really need to be looked at as, on some big homey, big bro, unc[le] type of s—, because that’s what he’s done for the community. He put you on. You get money, you make sure your family and your kids eat. It all derived from the Gucci Mane nucleus.”

Yet, the man born Radric Smith is back home at a time when the options for rappers in secondary careers involve far more than just the traditional Hollywood choices. Besides, he’s already tackled that. The next phase of his domination is obvious: Reality Gucci.

If T.I. could do it, and every other artist with a marginally seminal hit in the ’90s and 2000s can find themselves on television (thanks VH1!), there’s no reason that with his sphere of influence and musical output that someone can’t make a show about Gucci Mane a successful vehicle. If you didn’t see his workout video, you need to.

Gucci Mane has also already proven to be a solid pitchman. Just check out his ad with Supreme.

And although I might have joked that Gucci would make a tremendous video game villain, he’d be even better as a motivational speaker of sorts. Not that he isn’t already — his girl is also already somewhat of a fitness guru of sorts. Heck, he could start his own home shopping network and be trapping out of the soundstage. His album will likely do well just off the strength of all this love from his fans.

America loves a comeback story. And with the new body, the new life and the new outlook, his rise could be meteoric. Gucci Industries has decent ring to it.

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