B.W. Webb is doing the most at OTAs with this Allen Iverson-style sleeve

When this site first started, the staff of The Undefeated got into a heated, afternoon-long argument about one thing. IHOP vs. Waffle House. It basically broke down to people who went to school or were from the South and everyone else. Both have places in all our of drunken-college histories, but the question of their cultural importance, respectively, is undeniable.

When it comes to song lyrics, Waffle House wins the battle. It’s not even close. The question of the actual quality of the food is one for you to have with your friends. But we need you to know about B.W. Webb, the Newport News native, whose been rocking this Allen Iverson-inspired Waffle House sleeve. The cornerback has been wearing this for a few days during organized team activities (OTAs) for the Tennessee Titans.

This ranks incredibly high on the list of ratchet-yet-inspired athletic wear, just above those spinner shoes that nobody had but everyone seemed to know about. Most importantly, this is not a custom job for Webb. Waffle House is selling all sorts of things that seemingly make no sense. Cycling jerseys somehow feel more pointless for Waffle House regulars than arm sleeves.

The NFL is obviously going to ruin this bit, like, yesterday, but here’s to looking for side endorsement deals by scouring gift shops of mid-level regional eateries.

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