Beyonce’s holiday merch line may just be the thing to save 2017

If you don’t love Beyoncé and can’t understand why the world needs an entire collection of holiday swag, perhaps you should take a long, hard look in the mirror and figure out why you’re such a miserable grinch.

Perhaps a “Slay All Day” sweater is just what you need to warm up your cold, dark, heart. Check out the collection that will have you or the Beyoncé-lover in your life slaying the season in style:

Official Holiday Sweater

For the Bey fan who doesn’t do theme parties.

Have a Thicc Holiday

Because Bey loves our curves.

Yoncé Onesie

Snuggle up in this warm “Yonce” onesie.

Wrapping Paper

Use this “Revenge” wrapping paper but be prepared for it to remain unopened.

iPhone Case

Slay all day with this super cute phone case.

Infant Onesie

The little ones need love too.

Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Win the “ugly sweater” contest in this soft, “Shinin'” sweater.

Yoncé Crop-Top

Step up your fashion game with this “Yonce” crop top.

Nutrition Facts

Forget sugar and spice…here’s what real women are made of.

Christmas Ornament

Beautify your tree with this subtle ode to the Queen.

Queen Tee

For the artsy fartsy Beyonce fan

Hot Sauce Hat

For the one with spicy swag.

Haters Sweatshirt

Shake off the haters in this comfy sweatshirt.

Fingers Mug

How we all feel before our morning cup.

I Ain’t Sorry

Let ’em know where you stand in this “Sorry” sweatshirt.

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