Black Woman Captures Alarming Encounter with Drunken Racist White Male — United Black Books
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Black Woman Captures Alarming Encounter with Drunken Racist White Male on Late-Night Walk Home


A Black Chicago woman posted a live Facebook video Monday of a man — claiming to be Native American — walking behind her screaming racial slurs such as “spear-chucker,” calling Black people dirty and worthless, and demanding that she return to Africa.

Facebook user Williams Netta uploaded the video of her traumatic run-in with a presumed homeless man at 3:43 a.m. Monday.

She captioned the footage with this statement:

“Nothing like a little late night racism on your commute home. I don’t wanna hear s*** else about what I post about racism, any -ism really. This is just the overt stuff. The subtle (relatively) s*** harms Black people and non-Black poc every goddamn day.”

In the video, viewers can hear the man called her a “Dirty motherf***r.” She was even told to “Get the f*** out of our country!”

“Yeah, record all you want you f**king n****r,”the street harasser commanded.

The man continued to walk behind her while proclaiming that he is part of the superior race.

The Facebook user said the man was also harassing three Hispanic walkers before coming after her. Later on in the comment section, she said that the group of three and the street racist ended up on the same bus. “Apparently he tried to hit the girl,” she wrote. 

The user instructed others to share the video to show the egregiousness of the incident.

As of Monday, the video had 13,000 views and 43 comments — many of which support her.





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