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Black Woman Endures ‘8 Hours of Racist Abuse’ After Representing Ireland on Twitter

@ChocCurvesModel, @ireland black, @ireland racist, black british woman, National, News, plus size model black twitter, racist tweets -

Black Woman Endures ‘8 Hours of Racist Abuse’ After Representing Ireland on Twitter

Blogger and model Michelle Marie (Twitter)
Blogger and model Michelle Marie (Twitter)

A Black plus-size model running @ireland’s Twitter account faced a barrage of racist tweets. The page rotates who is in charge each week. When Michelle Marie took the reigns, she wanted to discuss body shaming.

Instead, she ended up repeatedly defending herself against trolls.

The blogger explained that she hails from Oxford, England and moved to Ireland in 2013. She has lived there ever since and only goes to Oxford to visit.

In the middle of introducing herself and her self-love advocacy, she was sent this tweet:

Another user proclaimed to be “more Irish” than Marie.

The vlogger paused to address the issue on Aug. 22

She explained she was not a citizen of Ireland nor an Irish descendant.

Marie cheekily explained that Black people can go where they please and do what they choose.

Then she expressed her frustration at having to discuss race at all.

Afterward, Marie attempted to move on.

Some users came to Marie’s defense.

James Mitchinson called the abuse “disgusting.”

And Leanne Woodfull said she was “truly sorry” for the racist messages the body positivity advocate received.

But before Marie continued discussing the lack of viable plus-size fashion, the racist tweets kept coming.

White nationalist @yespasaran_ called for Black people to leave Ireland.

And Joe Fabeetz denied Black individuals can be Irish at all.

@PreppyAltRight called the blogger an “invader,” accusing her of using the majority white country to get free medical care for her supposed oncoming health issues.

@Vanguard_PA referred to her as a “negress.”

Then, Marie decided to take a break from tweeting.

She called the racism “so horrible” and expressed disappointment over the “sad day.”

She explained her English heritage. In addition to her white British genes, Marie is also half Guyanese and 25 percent Jamaican. Later, she mentioned her white English parents adopted and raised her.

And she expressed her surprise over how her presence launched a race argument.

“I have had eight hours of nonstop hate thrown at me,” she said in her final tweet on the matter Monday. “I am hurt, shocked and appalled.”

More racist tweets followed her announcement.

Chuck Knightly called her a “great ape ruining [everything] you touch.”

While Snake Plissken told her to “go back to Africa.”

And @Jew_Goldstein proclaimed Ireland as a place for Irish only, questioning why Marie was the face of the Twitter account.

After taking the time to sort through the bigotry, Marie returned to the Twitter page Tuesday, posting sparingly about her adoption and reading through responses.

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