#NFLBoycott - 11 Reasons Why You Should Boycott The National Football League in 2017 and 2018

#NFLBoycott - 11 Reasons Why You Should Boycott The National Football League in 2017 and 2018

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Boycott the NFL 2017 Black Business


  1. A Nationwide Boycott will show people of the African Diaspora can unite again on one accord.

  2. The NFL is supported by the Police and the Army, proven enemies of the black people and people of the African Diaspora.

  3. Nearly all NFL Owners are supporters of Donald Trump and supported of policies created by white supremacist.

  4. An exercise of Black Spending Power will show the powers at be that people of the African Diaspora understand the power of the black dollar.

  5. All we have to do is NOT watch something. It's only difficult for black people to grasp because they have been socially conditioned to support white supremacy. I believe black people will win out!

  6. Colin Kaepernick has not been signed due to taking a knee in protest of police brutality. He is a gifted quarterback in a league that could use about ten more gifted quarterbacks. The case can and has been made that he is better than several of the 32 QB’s predicted to start next season. He’s certainly better than many of the other free agent playcallers who have been signed this offseason. Even if he doesn’t deserve to start, few teams have a better backup, particularly considering that Kaepernick’s ground game would provide many offenses with an entirely new dimension. Personally, I think even teams with an established starter could benefit from periodically playing him, but that’s a different column. Point is, he’s more than deserving of a spot on a roster, somewhere.

  7. Teams have taken a chance on 21 first-time white head coaches and only one first-time minority head coach, Todd Bowles, over the past five hiring cycles (2012-16). The gap was an identical 21-1 nearly two decades ago, when the New York Jets made Herm Edwards the only first-time minority hire from 1997 to 2001.

  8. 80 of the NFL's current 85 offensive coordinators, quarterbacks coaches and offensive quality control coaches are white, including all 37 with the word "quarterback" in their titles. 23 of 32 defensive coordinators are also white.

  9. There are no black owned companies on the Wall Street Stock Exchange where blacks own the majority or controlling interest of the stock. We should save the money we put into the racist NFL organization and support more black business.

  10. In 1860, 98% of all Blacks in America worked for White people. 2001, 98% of all Blacks in America still work for white people.

  11. For every dollar earned by a Jewish person, that dollar touches 12-18 Jewish hands before it leaves their community. For every dollar earned by a black person it leaves the community soon as he or she earns it.

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