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Daily Dose: 11/15/16 Are these protests ever going to stop?

All Day, Daily Dose, Donald Trump, NFL -

Daily Dose: 11/15/16 Are these protests ever going to stop?

The homey Domonique Foxworth was on Highly Questionable again Monday, this time with Papi and Dan Le Batard himself. If you didn’t get a chance to see it, you can check it out here or download the podcast.

These protests against the president-elect do not appear to be letting up. Across the country, things have moved down to the student level primarily, with high school and college kids leaving class to express themselves about how they feel regarding Donald Trump. On Monday night in Columbus, Ohio, at Ohio State University, things got rowdy when a person giving a speech was tackled mid-talk. This is clearly an act of violence, and frankly, a bad harbinger for how things will be if this becomes normalized behavior. ABC News has the details.

It sounds ridiculous, but we’ve got a big problem with fake news. Because of the algorithms that run search engines and social network sites are so all-consuming that they control nearly everything we see in our feeds now, it’s not difficult to simply put something out there that is nonfactual or an outright lie, and have it be picked up and shared widely as an actual truth, which is obviously an issue. It’s a major concern for not only Facebook, but also Google, too. Might want to get this fixed.

When it comes to things like geology, I’m not great. How people managed to construct buildings from the mediocre if not completely useless tools that we were once beset with as humans is beyond me. When I watch History Channel’s Ancient Aliens, it’s the one thing that actually gives me pause. How is it possible that we have zero explanation for some things? Anyway, it leads to an interesting aspect of archaeology. How do we know what’s an actual tool, and what’s just another rock? FiveThirtyEight’s Maggie Koerth-Baker investigates.

In the next four years, is it likely to see a lot more athletes coming to visit the White House? Maybe not. But what about to discuss matters they find important with the lawmakers on Capitol Hill? Sure. On Tuesday, various players from the NFL will be in Washington, D.C., to talk about police brutality and other issues surrounding race. House Speaker Paul Ryan is supposed to be one of the people in the meetings, and it’s not just black football players making the trip either. ESPN reports.

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Coffee Break: Germany wins a lot when it comes to global soccer. But when it comes to World Cup qualifying, oftentimes they have to play lesser opponents, as part of their obligations to the continent. Well, San Marino is basically awful at the game, but the country is great at understanding why it plays. The Germans, on the other hand, do not.

Snack Time: A pioneer in the DJ game died Monday. If you don’t know who David Mancuso is, you should. Secondly, his passing is another major loss in what’s been a year full of them across so many cultures. He was 72.

Dessert: Here are some dope instrumentals for a lovely fall day.

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