Daily Dose: 5/24/16 Man on death row freed decades later due to racially biased jury selection

Monday night was a big one in my household. The season premiere of The Bachelorette aired and JoJo looks like she’s going to be great. Expect a lot more analysis of the show in this space — aka the “Black Guy Power Rankings.”

Once you’re on death row, it’s not easy to make it off. But one man in Georgia suddenly has a chance at said miracle after the Supreme Court overturned his sentence for capital murder almost three decades after he was initially sentenced. The dispute centered not around the crime, but how the all-white jury was selected. Perhaps more intriguingly, the justices voted nearly unanimously in the decision. I’ll bet you can guess who the lone dissenter was. ABC News’ Audrey Taylor and Geneva Sands have the details.

A friend of mine is moving to Australia soon. At her going-away party, a discussion about hot air balloons came up, as its popular there. We all discussed our fears surrounding the activity, joking them off mostly as rationally. But my buddy brought up one thing that actually happened in Melbourne just recently. A hot air balloon steered off course due to faulty wind conditions. Everyone made it out alive, but the details of how a wakeboarding father and son combo helped them are pretty wild. ABC News’ Kelly McCarthy reports.

MC Hammer’s importance to music is undeniable. Whether you are or were a fan of his music, his largesse was the kind of thing that the industry will never forget. Yet, for many, he symbolizes all that was wack with hip-hop/black music in the ’90s. Those critiques were always harsh, but the man is somehow still in the business and still thriving, to a certain extent, even if not balling like he was back in the day. ABC’s Michael Rothman and Karu Daniels sit down with man from Oakland named Stanley Burrell, who was boys with Tupac and Prince.

There was a Raptors game in Toronto last night, so Drake was there. His entrance wasn’t exactly the most star-studded, but his city still loves him. And the 6 God was in full annoying fan mode, getting in people’s faces and slapping five with players. The longer the Raptors continue to win, the more I enjoy this bit. If you’re the Cleveland Cavaliers, while his presence isn’t necessarily as huge deal, it’s gotta be irksome to watch the series slip away while a guy who warmed up with the Kentucky Wildcats once and threw up an air ball is yelling at you from point blank. To add to the fun, Drizzy is even roasting Cavs players on Instagram.

Free Food

Coffee Break: If you haven’t been paying attention, Chris Webber has turned into one of the best broadcasters in the NBA. His career was stellar without being necessarily super celebrated and I imagine his career in the booth will take a similar path. Here’s an interview with the former Michigan Fab Five member, who talks about his new life.

Snack Time: Mike Epps is a quality comedian. But he never graduated from high school. He’s also 45 years old. This week, he finally completed the task and even wore the cap and gown. It’s a nice tale of being goal-oriented.

Dessert: James Fauntleroy has a new track out. Let me know if you like it.

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