Daily Dose: 6/17/16 The Warriors had a terrible night, on and off the — United Black Books
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Daily Dose: 6/17/16 The Warriors had a terrible night, on and off the court

What up, kiddos. Thursday was an exciting day in the sports world, what with the Euros, the U.S. men’s national team winning a knockout-round game AND the Cleveland Cavaliers looking like an actual franchise. Former Cav Craig Ehlo must be pumped.

Did you know that guns are designed to kill? This basic fact seems to escape a decent amount of people and on Thursday President Barack Obama had to remind America that such is the case. You know why this notion that guns make sense in society still prevails? You guessed it! Our old friend patriarchal supremacist garbage. The fact that this even has to be explained to some people is truly depressing, but whatever. ABC News’ Robin Gradison and Alexander Mallin explain how Obama broke it down.

So, there’s a thing called Brexit. It’s the name used for the question of whether the United Kingdom should leave the European Union. It’s the other topic that everyone was talking about in Italy when I was there, and many Brits have very strong opinions about it. The concern is that if the U.K. leaves then half of the continent will collapse (among many other things). But the debate took a turn for the far worse, when a British politician was killed in what appears to be a politically related assassination on some level. ABC News’ Louise Dewast reports.

There’s something I need to tell you: I love the Kardashians. Not that I keep up with them, so to speak, or that I have any particular affinity for their day-to-day shenanigans, but I respect their hustle on a level that I do for few celebrities. They’re America’s television family of this generation and if you’re one of those people who thinks they don’t have talents, you try getting someone to pay you to do whatever you want with your family and friends. Right. That said, Kim Kardashian did an interview with GQ recently and it was insightful. ABC’s Lesley Messer has the details.

Yooooo, the Golden State Warriors had a bit of meltdown last night, yeah? LeBron James has dropped 41 points in two straight NBA Finals games and the team from Oakland, California, had a poor night well beyond that. Let’s review. MVP Stephen Curry was tossed from the game. Then his wife, Ayesha Curry, got her tweets off, calling on NBA conspiracy theories. Then, her dad got mixed up in a bizarre, mistaken-identity situation in which the police thought he was a con man, who’s shown up at several high-profile league events. What a mess. Anyway, James moved that work, as J.A. Adande notes.

Free Food

Coffee Break: Neither one of my grandmothers were around when they would use computers regularly, but after reading this story, I certainly wish they were, beyond my feeling about them as family members. One grandma in the U.K., however, wins the prize for adorable because when she Googles things, she is beyond polite.

Snack Time: Chan Yuen-ting is a soccer coach in the Hong Kong Premier League. Chan Yuen-ting took Eastern to its first title in 21 years. Chan Yuen-ting is 27 years old. Today, she’s my hero.

Dessert: *DJ Khaled point* Philly, you smart. Happy weekend, everybody.


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