Daily Dose: 6/2/16 Steroids. Pandas. NBA Finals.

On Wednesday, I chopped it with SportsCenter’s Reese Waters. We talked about The Bachelorette, sports, ESPN’s 30 for 30 O.J.: Made In America, among many other things, including Gucci Mane. Have a listen, kiddos. It was a fun one.

I happened to be in Los Angeles when the UCLA shooting broke out. It was odd, because they happen so often in general, that even the kids on campus thought it was a joke. School shootings, for the record, are always terrifying. And when you’re in a town you’re not from when something like that happens, it’s a strange feeling. That said, the story itself is extremely sad. Police say it was a murder-suicide, and while it might make for the so-called least damage in terms of number of humans, it’s still very awful. ABC News’ Josh Margolin, Julie Sone and Meghan Keneally report.

Steroids are a very polarizing topic. Many believe that taking them makes you less of a human, even though they are designed to make you more of one. Interestingly parodoxical irony, but whatever, it is what it is. Personally, steroids from a morals standpoint do not bother me. Do what you gotta do to win, but understand the risk you’re putting on yourself. That said, Russia has been about this life for some time. And by that I mean, since before I was born. And what’s awkward is that they always get caught. FiveThirtyEight’s Christie Aschwanden wonders if it’s fair to ban them altogether.

Have you ever seen a white BMW X6? No? I’ve got many zero in my driveway right now, so, me neither. But, from what I understand, they look like a panda. No, seriously. An artist named Desiigner made a whole song about this concept, among other things, and it completely rocks. Never mind all that, I happen to love pandas, as animals. It took me a long time to come to this opinion, as I’m from Washington, D.C., where people go completely insane about these bears. So, since it’s Thursday, here’s a picture of a panda holding her baby in her mouth.

The NBA Finals start Thursday night. It’s the beginning of a long, two-week journey in which basketball … yatta yatta whatever, Stephen Curry vs. LeBron James. Let’s be real. These two guys are currently the most important people in the basketball world and both have legacies to cement. The last time James wasn’t playing in the Finals, Curry was barely in the league. And remember what he was doing before that? Going nuts at Davidson? Well, he impressed The King there, too. Literally. Watch ESPN’s Jalen & Jacoby talk about this modern day David vs. Goliath story.

Free Food

Coffee Break: Dumb sports franchises do dumb things. Some let non-smart people run their operations. Others let their players do whatever they want and look the other way. But this is all human nature, as Michael Jackson would say. And some franchises, like one from my hometown of Washington, D.C., let medical records about their personnel get stolen. Yikes.

Snack Time: Soccer in this country needs a lot of work on more levels that just what the men’s national team is not doing. Read this story about how the concept of diversifying the game is an inherent problem in the U.S.

Dessert: Belgium should be ashamed of itself for rocking these kits. You can’t win the Euros looking like this.

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