Daily Dose: 6/22/16 Lionel Messi continues his dominance in Houston

This week’s podcast was a fun one, with senior style writer Jill Hudson telling stories about her summer movie plans and staff writer Justin Tinsley revealing how he watches sports when he’s nervous. And you get to learn about what I did on Father’s Day.

Want to watch patriarchy work? Look no further than Kathleen Kane. She’s the attorney general of Pennsylvania who exposed the old boys network that existed in state government, with employees of all ranks sharing racist and misogynist emails, not to mention pornography. Instead of being lauded for her courage in the face of an obviously gross situation, her colleagues are basically trying to ruin her life, for what they feel was selective vindictiveness. ABC News has the story of the scandal she’s now facing herself.

It feels like nothing can go right with the Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro, at this point. We won’t even get into the national internal politics of what’s happening in Brazil, but the games themselves are at serious risk. Athletes are pulling out left and right due to concerns about the Zika virus and the entire Russian track team has been banned altogether for doping concerns. In addition, a jaguar that was used in a ceremony involving the Olympic torch this week had to be killed, after it got off leash and tried to attack someone. What a mess. The Associated Press reports from Sao Paolo.

The world of wine is a fascinating one. As someone who doesn’t consider himself an expert, but knows what he likes, it will forever fascinate me that people care so much about it from a personal standpoint that they have cellars full of it. Also, they will spend outrageous sums of money for something that they probably won’t even drink, but will just show off to their friends. It is not dissimilar to the sneaker world in that way. All that aside, the specific economics of high-end wine is intriguing. FiveThirtyEight’s Oliver Roeder breaks it down.

So, yeah, about Copa America. Argentina is the best team in the world, with the best player on the globe. Jurgen Klinsmann’s United States men’s national team never really had a chance in this semifinal in Houston on Tuesday, but there were people acting as if American exceptionalism alone was somehow going to will this team to a win, which was so hilariously myopic that it was almost sad. The Americans got absolutely drubbed from the first whistle, and had no shot. Literally, zero shots on goal. Think about it. ESPN FC’s Doug McIntyre explains the beatdown.

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Coffee Break: The Los Angeles Police Department doesn’t exactly have a great reputation when it comes to what we’ll call public relations, but a new policy is looking to change that. One of the most notorious police forces in the country is actually enacting a policy that is designed to help them be more compassionate toward the homeless. It’s a good start.

Snack Time: There’s a new movie about Serena Williams airing tonight at 9 p.m. For those of you who don’t follow her every move as closely as her biggest fans, it will be a behind-the-scenes look at her pressure-packed life.

Dessert: Tired of blowing cash on crappy lunches? This will help with your lunch planning game.

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