Daily Dose: 7/11/16 Protests continue throughout the weekend — United Black Books
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Daily Dose: 7/11/16 Protests continue throughout the weekend

There are pretty much two things going on in America right now. One of them is extremely important. The other is Pokemon Go, an app which is clogging up Central Park and also getting people robbed in Missouri.

This country is about as tense as its been as long as I’ve been alive. It’s hard to think of a moment recently when relations between police officers and citizens nationwide were so nakedly combative for all of the world to see. Across the country, protests sprang up last weekend following last week’s violence. In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a particularly iconic photo of a woman named Leshia Evans has emerged as one of the images of the year, as did another of an interim police director walking arm in arm with protestors in Memphis. ABC News reports on our tipping point.

If you wanted to see Lin-Manuel Miranda in Hamilton, you’re too late. The man who created this Broadway musical, which combines hip-hop with American history like none other, is letting go of his baby and walking away. His last show was Saturday night. There was a star-studded cast in his last show, and he plans to pursue other projects while he’s gone. And for as much of a star as he is, I think he’s barely scratched the surface when it comes to what his stardom could really reach. ABC’s Lesley Messer has the details of the final performance.

Emojis are officially a part of my life. I use them all the time, sometimes as a joke, but mainly not. It’s pretty much just another way to talk. My personal favorite is one I’d like to think I invented, but our whole crew uses: the striker clap. . Basically, it means good effort, I see you, it might not have worked out, but hopefully it will next time. It happens about once a game in soccer, if you’re not familiar. Anyway, FiveThirtyEight’s Laura Hudson has a new tool that helps you find the perfect emoji for any occasion. This thing is rather cool.

Serena Williams did it again last weekend. She won her 22nd Grand Slam title in dominating fashion, crushing Angelique Kerber in the women’s singles final on Saturday. Her ascent to the top of tennis and really all of sports has been so remarkable that people like Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey hit her up after she wins titles, and Beyoncé and Jay Z sit in the crowd. Not to mention LeBron James giving her props. She tied Steffi Graf’s record for Grand Slam title victories, and also holds the record for winning percentage against top-five opponents. She’s the best, Jerry. The best. Take a look at her legacy.

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Coffee Break: With the Euros ending Sunday with Portugal as the victor, the transfer window talk is heating up. Paul Pogba, the fascinating French midfielder, who’s spent the last few seasons with Juventus in Serie A, will likely be the darling of Manchester United or Real Madrid. Either way, someone’s getting a huge boost when he decides.

Snack Time: I don’t watch bicycle racing, but if you tell me that it’s possible that llamas might be blocking a road race, you’ve definitely got me at the very least interested. You should click, if only to see a bunch of llamas in public.

Dessert: My homegirl Vikkie put me on to this. A full discography of all of Gucci Mane’s mixtapes. You’re welcome.


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