Daily Dose: 7/13/16 Live from the ESPYS in Los Angeles … after Tuesday’s recap

Happy Wednesday, my people. It’s also the day of the ESPYS, which means this is basically the last post you’ll be getting from me today on anything other than that. Expect a powerful show, kiddos. The nation needs it.

Donald Trump is doing a lot. But, for what it’s worth, that’s what he always does. This time, though, he may have upset a large part of the populace by coming after The Notorious R.B.G., Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. There are some things you just don’t do. During an appearance on CNN, she kept it all the way 100, saying she cannot imagine him being president — a completely fair analysis. He then popped off with a tweet about what she should be doing with her life. ABC News’ Brian McBride has the details.

If Major League Baseball were crass, the All-Star Game’s slogan would be #AllGamesMatter. Because, see, it counts for the World Series, even though it shouldn’t … nevermind. That would have been a bad idea, because well, all games DON’T matter, but the fact that I even had to explain that is half the issue. Anyway, during the Canadian national anthem before Tuesday night’s All-Star Game, some dude in the quartet rendering the song held up an “All Lives Matter” sign. He also tailored the lyrics of the song to his message. Canada, we expected better. ABC News reports.

There was a time in which “working out” was an actual thing on my iCal. Now, it’s more of a concept, and I just walk and do pushups when I can. But when I did work out, it was a serious thing. And the playlist was half the fun. Because the feeling you get when you’re at that one rest between sets where you know you need to really kill it, but you want to trust the natural adrenaline flow, so you let the music go, and then say, “Banned From TV” comes on?!?! Fam, your reps will be the cleanest. Anyway, FiveThirtyEight’s Walt Hickey has the ultimate workout playlist.

Isaiah Crowell put himself in a tough spot. He posted a picture of what appears to be someone trying to kill a police officer, apparently in response to the difficult situation that was last week, and everyone noticed. The Cleveland Browns running back has since apologized, but the police union there wasn’t having it. After various threats to not do their job, Crowell says he’ll now donate a game check to a Dallas police organization. There is so much that’s problematic about this that I don’t have the space to get into here, but will soon. ESPN explains how this unfolded.

Free Food

Coffee Break: Full disclosure, I frequently freak out about the concept of sponges. They are so useful, but so disgusting and when I see them in other people’s homes whom I don’t explicitly know, I get nervous. And since it’s summer, we see a lot of that. That aside, here’s a reminder on a way to clean them that actually works.

Snack Time: Retired Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant is having another baby girl, which means that we are very happy for his family. But calling a kid “Baby Mamba” is a tad odd, if you ask me.

Dessert: If you’re under 30, you’ll solve this puzzle in about 10 seconds.

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