Daily Dose: 7/26/16 The first lady brought the house down in Philadelphia

ICYMI, Michael Jordan, yes, the NBA legend, decided to speak out on Monday about the violence besetting the United States. And he did it exclusively for The Undefeated.

The Democratic National Convention got off to a rousing start Monday night. Between the celebrities, Sen. Cory Booker and the Bernie Sanders supporters (who are doing their best to hijack this event), there was enough activity between the stage and the floor to fill a full news day. Then, first lady Michelle Obama took the stage. She delivered a speech so moving, so honest and so full of flourish that you’ll be hearing about it for decades to come. ABC News’ Meghan Keneally has five more things to watch on Day 2 of the DNC.

The other story out of Philadelphia that made noise, oddly enough, comes from Russia. Before the week started, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager asserted that hackers had gotten into the Democratic Party’s email system and were trying to find a way to hurt the party. Why would Russian operatives do this? Well, maybe, perhaps, because Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has extensive business ties in Moscow, and reportedly is decent friends with Russian President Vladimir Putin. FiveThirtyEight’s Farai Chideya wonders: Does that theory hold any water?

Typically, it’s an honor to stay in the Olympic Village as an athlete. But with less than two weeks to go until the Summer Games of the XXXI Olympiad, apparently the facilities are a mess. Mind you, this isn’t Sochi, where the journalists were the ones complaining about accommodations. These are the people who are actually supposed to be competing in the games, saying that water is running down the walls in their rooms. Australia, in particular, isn’t having it. ABC News’ Catherine Thorbeck explains all the things that are going wrong.

The Chicago Cubs want to win the World Series and they want it now. So much so that they were willing to go out and trade for a player who was accused of choking his girlfriend and firing off a bunch of gunshots in their home during a domestic incident. But, you know, he can throw it in the triple digits and the Cubbies haven’t won in a long time. Apparently, they took a long, hard look at the Cuban reliever, as they should have. But with him, ESPN’s David Schoenfield says they become the team to beat in the National League.

Free Food

Coffee Break: These days at concerts, a big concern is trying to make sure people don’t record your shows. But Rihanna is more concerned about something else: people playing Pokemon GO. For real, she’s cussing at people at shows about it. Slay.

Snack Time: In Senegal, two women who created a land-rights app are at the forefront of a larger movement to get more girls to code in West Africa. I love everything about this story.

Dessert: If “Holy Key” is any indication, this next DJ Khaled album is gonna be bananas.

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