Daily Dose: 8/10/16 Dwayne Johnson is not here for your petty games — United Black Books
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Daily Dose: 8/10/16 Dwayne Johnson is not here for your petty games

On Tuesday’s podcast, Justin Tinsley talked about his experiences as someone who doesn’t know how to swim. You can also watch him learn to swim with Olympian Cullen Jones.

Dwayne Johnson is coming for necks. Considering his size and smarts, that’s not something you want if you’re working with him. The man formerly known as “The Rock” recently wrapped up filming of Fast 8, a franchise he joined back in 2010 with Fast Five. But in a lengthy social media post, he’s gone after a few of his male co-stars. This is extremely out of character for Johnson, who is largely considered an extremely nice and fun guy. ABC’s George Costantino breaks down exactly what he wrote.

In soccer tournaments, there’s a definite home-field advantage. In professional sports, it certainly matters to an extent. But when it comes to something as widespread as the Olympics, where the entire globe is descending on one country, one must assume the potential perks are probably dissipated. I feel like it might actually be harder, because you don’t want to let your countryfolk down while they’re there. FiveThirtyEight’s Stephen Pettigrew and Danyel Reiche break down how the the theory of home-field advantage works when it comes to the Summer Games.

We’ve established in this space that Donald Trump says a lot of really scary things. Between the Republican presidential nominee’s flippant use of insults on the campaign trail and the murky at-best foreign policy tactics he plans to employ, rhetoric is not his strong suit, even if he believes it to be. On Tuesday, however, things went to another level. (I feel like I say that every three days, which again, is terrifying.) He made a loosely ambiguous reference to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton getting assassinated at best. Yikes. VICE has the video.

I’m old enough to remember when Prince Fielder was 12 years old and hitting baseballs out of Major League ballparks. His past was an interesting one. Similar to his dad, Cecil, he was a man of larger carriage, playing first base and hitting bombs. But Fielder’s relationship with his dad soured, and one of the great father/son duo stories never really played out that way. Then, he went vegan, a move that shocked almost everyone. Then, he started getting injured all the time. Now, it appears his career is pretty much over. Sad.

Free Food

Coffee Break: Even when you volunteer to help the police, you might get killed. That’s what happened to a 73-year-old lady in Florida recently, who was shot in what was supposed to be a simulation drill at a police academy. This accident is going to haunt a lot of people for a long time.

Snack Time: If you like Currensy Spitta and Wiz Khalifa, you know they’re great friends. They’ve made music together and generally are just funny dudes. They dropped another song together Tuesday, in their classic style.

Dessert: Into old hoops footage? Check out Allen Iverson vs. Kevin Garnett from their high school days.


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