EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Jackie On Toya’s ‘Disappointing’ Words and Divorce Proceedings

This season of Married To Medicine has been dominated by Dr. Jackie Walters’ discovery that her husband cheated on her and we have watched all the women weigh in on the situation in different ways.

TheGrio caught up with the beautiful breast cancer survivor to find out how she’s handling the dramatic ordeal.

According to Jackie, Dr. Heavenly and Dr. Simone Whitmore have been her biggest sources of support.

“They had to heal themselves before they even came to me. They were the girls who just sat on the sideline for a minute and allowed me to process where I was,” she explains. “Neither of them gave me an opinion on what they would do.”

Other ladies’ support was a bit more challenging to receive and not everyone was ready to place all of the blame on Curtiss.

Toya Bush-Harris let it be known that she believed both parties are responsible for infidelity in a marriage in a recent interview with TheGrio and we couldn’t wait to get Jackie’s reaction.

“I believe Toya was coming from a good space,” she said. “Her value systems are different.”

Dr. Jackie acknowledged that Toya did offer her some support, but a few of her opinions were hard to swallow.

“The last thing I needed to hear was, ‘Did you do something? Was this your fault?’ I was disappointed but are we still good? Yes.”

When it comes to whether or not Jackie will divorce her husband, she’s still on the fence.

“Each day I have a different heart,” she says. “Where I am and where my journey ends is still developing.“

Married To Medicine airs Fridays on Bravo.

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