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Father Critically Injured After Jumping In the Line of Fire to Save His Daughter

Majority of fathers will go to extreme measures to protect their daughters from harm’s way and that’s exactly what Frederick Waring of Philadelphia did after a shooting occurred Sunday night on the bride-to-be’s wedding day.

Waring, 74, jumped in front of his 23-year-old daughter who’s pregnant with twins to save her life. He was shot 10 times in front of his daughter’s home and remains in critical condition. Police officials said the husband’s ex-wife confronted the pregnant woman with two males and may be behind the shooting.

“The ex-wife of the individual she married saw it on social media,” Philadelphia Police Lt. John Walker told CBS Philly. “After the social media post, she approached the new wife. There was some type of altercation or fight. As that escalated, some males that were in the group, at least two, pulled out handguns.”

The daughter was shot twice, but her injuries are not affecting the health of the twins.

Officials located a silver sedan parked in the bushes on Monday night by where the shooting took place. The vehicle is being tested for forensic evidence and police are still searching for the 25-year-old ex-wife.

“She needs to come in and do the right thing and provide us with the information on what actually occurred from start to finish, or not, and we will confer with the district attorney’s office and I’m sure charges will go against her,” Walker exclaimed.

Countless warrants have been put in place by authorities searching for the jealous ex-lover.

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