Florida Man Was So Envious of His Black Neighbor’s ‘Flashy’ Car, He Li — United Black Books
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Florida Man Was So Envious of His Black Neighbor’s ‘Flashy’ Car, He Lit It on Fire

A South Daytona resident was shocked to find his car in flames by his jealous white neighbor early Sunday morning

Ronald Sweet of Florida said he was outside washing his car when his neighbor Joseph Minor called him flashy and threatened to “take care” of him and the vehicle after spewing out a racial slur according to WKMG.

The victim said he and his fiancee Cecilia Jones went inside of their home after the argument and 10 minutes later, around 12:35 a.m. the couple heard a loud commotion. They witnessed Minor walking away from his burning car according to the South Dayton Police Department.

Sweet said his neighbor made threats to he and other tenants in the past and always spewed derogatory language to them according to the affidavit.

“It’s absolutely a hate crime. It’s absolutely because apparently, he don’t like colored people,” said the victim. “He told me my days were numbered. I won’t be flashing anymore.”

Authorities said Minor claimed he had no part in the fire although there were several witnesses. However, he told police officials he did not commit a crime because of how unsafe the neighborhood is.

“The negative comments he was making toward his neighbor, indicating that he hates them specifically for that. That could lead to something along those lines and we’re going to charge him. But we need more probable cause and more information before we can go that avenue,” said police Lt. Mark Cheatham of South Daytona.

Minor was charged with arson, with the intent to maliciously set a vehicle on fire to cause damage. He could be facing a hate crime charge.

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