Future and DJ Esco channel O.J. Simpson in new music video for ‘Juice’

The meltdown continues for Future.

The Atlanta rapper has taken his obsession with his baby momma, Ciara, to the next level, with a video released this week titled “Juice.” Technically, this is DJ Esco’s song, but technically, the white Ford Bronco that former football great O.J. Simpson led California police on a chase in back in 1993 belonged to his friend Al Cowlings. You get the idea.

We open the presentation with CNN footage of the “not guilty” verdict being read in the Los Angeles courtroom, an event that drastically polarized America, as documented in Ezra Edelman’s 30 for 30 film O.J.: Made in America. We then cut instantly to a shot of a different white Ford Bronco, ominously portending what we’re going to just presume is something that will not hold up well in a family court. Ciara, Future’s most recent ex, is married to Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. She has previously expressed concern about Future’s threatening actions.

Not to put too fine a point on it, this video is creepy on many levels. First, actively affiliating yourself with anything having to do with a person widely believed to be a double-murderer is just odd, but then again, that’s something rappers choose to do all the time, just not O.J. in particular. Second, for all the hilariously tall tales of gangsterism that many hip-hop artists try to sell as art, recreating that chase is potentially the least believable of all.

It was genuinely the seminal television moment of a generation, not just another thing that people happened to be watching. To say that DJ Esco hanging out a truck window after smoking a blunt while the cops are on his trail doesn’t quite evoke the same emotion as the moment, it’s pantomiming would be a massive understatement. The parts you want to laugh at ultimately aren’t funny, because, again: O.J.

Thankfully, from a visual standpoint (oh what up, Metro Boomin), this analogy doesn’t go much further. We aren’t subject to recreating anything else from the trial of the century. But you have to wonder what Future is thinking. The lyrics of this song quite definitely reference someone trying to be with his baby momma, which to give him the benefit of the doubt, he has four of. Nonetheless, this video is mad reckless.

This song came out a month ago, and people were willing to give it the benefit of the doubt because it’s on a mixtape that ultimately isn’t really going anywhere, even though it is dope. This video, however, shows that whatever it is that Future can’t deal with about his past isn’t going away anytime soon, alas.

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