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Hollywood Producer Will Packer talks about finding love again in his second marriage

Hollywood hitmaker Will Packer, says keep hope alive when looking for love a second time around.

During an interview with theGrio’s Natasha Alford, Packer talked about his new unscripted dating show “Ready to Love” show on OWN and opened up about what it was like for him finding love again in his second marriage.

“There is no question in mind, my wife is who I’m supposed to be with,” Packer tells theGrio, speaking about his wife Heather Hayslett Packer.

“My first wife is a good person, she wasn’t for me and I wasn’t for her.”

Packer and his ex-wife share three children, who they’ve successfully co-parented.

He reflects on his second marriage saying that he grew leaps and bounds.

“I went into that relationship with open eyes and I knew very much who I was and what my shortcomings were and what I could offer somebody and knew exactly what I was looking for and it was her,” says Packer.

Packer was so sure that he’d found the one, that he decided to propose to her in front of 60,000 people at the SuperDome at Essence Festival, with the help of his dear friend and “Ready to Love” show host, Nephew Tommy.

Packer encourages people to not give up if a relationship doesn’t work out the first time, expressing that adults can be much more aware and smarter going into relationships again.

“If it didn’t work, love didn’t work, a marriage didn’t work, don’t think that it is over for you, you will learn from that,” says Packer. “That pain will actually allow you to grow.”

Packer is helping others find that second shot with “Ready To Love,” a new unscripted dating series on OWN, which follows a group of grown and sexy black singles in their 30’s and 40’s from Atlanta.

“Ready to Love” is the total opposite of the typical reality show, bottle-throwing, heartbreaking, drama-filled dating show.

“Since I started OWN I’ve been looking for the perfect dating show,” tweeted out Oprah Winfrey. “One that would illuminate and not humiliate folks. When brought this idea to me…I knew I’d found it!”

It’s the highest compliment for Packer, who says he wants to make television and films that empower and uplift the community he serves.

“It’s an awesome responsibility. It’s not something that I’m entitled to, it’s something that I’ve had to earn and I privilege I need to take advantage of,” says Packer.  “I want to put content on the screen I can be proud of.”

Ready to Love airs on OWN, with the second half of the special premiere Saturday, October 27 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.  Watch the full interview with Packer and Nephew Tommy below.

Ready To Love


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