‘I’m Going to Bury You!’ Racist Realtor Completely Spazzes Out on a Bl — United Black Books
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‘I’m Going to Bury You!’ Racist Realtor Completely Spazzes Out on a Black Bouncer Outside NY Bar

A Brooklyn apartment broker was recorded on camera for vomiting racial epithets at a Bushwick bar employee Friday morning.

The incident happened on the corner of Wyckoff Avenue in Brooklyn, New York outside the “House of Yes” performance center. Chris Giardina, 29, was seen yelling racist slurs towards a Black and Latino man, the New York Post reported.

“Touch me again you f—ing n–r,” Giardina screams at the calm bouncer who threw him out of the club.

The Boston native then turned to the Latino man filming the event and said, “Yeah I said it, cause he’s punching me you f––-ing sp–.”

Giadina was on the phone with dispatch and claimed the bouncer struck him. While speaking with authorities he refers to the bar employee as a “dumb Black guy” who he threatened by saying, “I’m going to end up burying.”

The realtor then asserted his white privilege towards the bouncer and exclaimed, “You may not have an ounce of alcohol in you but does that make you white? You’ll lose your job and you’ll lose your house.”

The spokeswoman for “House of Yes” said the racist realtor was escorted out of the building for allegedly calling a different security guard names and commended the employee seen outside for keeping his composure according to the Patch.

“We are deeply appreciative of the way he kept his composure while the aggressive patron was hurling racial slurs at him,” the spokeswoman said. “We feel he acted fully within his rights throughout the interaction.”

Giardina who told the bouncer he’ll “lose his job” was terminated from his place of employment at MySpace NYC and the principal broker Shawn Mullahy told The Post, “I was very disappointed in the video to say the least. I was embarrassed and saddened by it. It’s not in line with the company culture or values.”

The news source reached out to the broker on Sunday and he claimed he wasn’t racist, but was only drunk.

“The word that I used, that I’m embarrassed by using, was being thrown around the entire time. It was already in the air, Giardina said. “It doesn’t make me a racist; it makes me an idiot.”

The racist broker said the camera footage was “manipulated” to make him look like the bad guy.

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