Iggy Azalea has had enough with Nick Young

The defecation has officially hit the ventilation for NBA player Nick Young.

Details of the Los Angeles Lakers guard’s fallout have come out, courtesy of his ex-girlfriend herself, rapper Iggy Azalea. My man is just sloppy on all levels. But we all saw this coming. We told you last week that hanging out with former NBA player Gilbert Arenas was an awful idea. On Thursday, the singer of the hit track Fancy aired him out via Twitter and some other bizarre details have come forward, too.



Dog, WHAT?! Cheating on your fiancée with your baby mama is reason numero uno why people don’t want to get involved with folks with children. The bond is effectively unbreakable and, unless you’re the most emotionally stable person on earth, it can create problems.

Not only has Young been super reckless with it, he’s also just openly being a jerk, too, reportedly. After Azalea was gracious enough to give back the engagement ring he gave her, he is being super shady about where it is, according to hollywoodlife.com. She also saw other women in their own home, on the security footage, which is beyond brazen.

This whole episode is nothing short of a A-1 ratchet mess.


Young is going into the third year of a four-year, $21 million contract with the Lakers. His son is named Nick, Jr. Keonna Green is his mother, who owns her own boutique. Azalea has her life together. Green does, too. Young, get it together.

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