Jenifer Lewis on Donald Trump: ‘I know what mental illness is’

During an interview on theGrio LIVE, Jenifer Lewis says her role as the hilarious Ruby Johnson on Black-ish is the “cherry on the top” of her career.

“Black-ish is probably one of the most important and needed on the air right now,” she says in an exclusive interview.

It’s especially needed in today’s political climate, the veteran actress points out. “These are dark times with this maniac. This very mentally ill president we have right now,” she says.

The actress, who has been very open about her battle with bipolar disorder, went on to explain what she thinks Donald Trump is experiencing internally. “I know what mental illness is and I see his mania. I see his depression. But unfortunately there’s evil attached to it. You see there was no evil in me. He has a personality disorder. Sociopaths have no feelings,” she says.

–Jenifer Lewis comes clean on sex addiction, bipolar disorder–

“I used to be like that–not the evil part. But mania is unstoppable. It’s a chemical imbalance in the brain. You live extremes; you’re either high or low. It’s no joke.”

“I don’t hate him…I feel sorry for him,” she adds.

When asked if she thinks Trump will ever seek professional help, Lewis says: “He won’t get help, because on top of his mental illness he’s a sociopath. They don’t have feelings. It’s madness that he represents the world.”

“He’s trying to destroy everything Obama built up. Poor bastard…he can’t. Because it’s too powerful. Because Obama did it with something that he doesn’t know anything about: love.

“Good or bad, I knew one thing about him: the way he looked at Michelle and the babies, I knew he wanted them to have air to breathe. And I knew he would keep this planet safe for them if nobody else. When a man looks at his wife like that, my god, it was hope just in that. In his beauty, his grace,” she says.

“I want to say those things about Trump….but you can’t!”

“It’s up to us to continue with hope, dreams, the pursuit of happiness…if you don’t have hope because Donald Trump is president, find hope. You don’t get to sit down for four years until he’s gone–because everything is so f**ked up. No, you fight,” she says.

“Make a difference.”

See the full interview below.

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