Jon B and Klay Thompson are long-lost brothers. They need to meet.

When it comes to R&B bangers by white guys, there’s Jon B. and everyone else. His 1997 smash jam They Don’t Know will still get your auntie moving on the dance floor and waving her hands in the air. His run was limited but not entirely ineffective. He did appear on the 199os TV show Sister, Sister as himself once and the album Cool Relax actually went double platinum. But his Instagram is still private, in fact.

Oh, and he looks damn near exactly like the Golden State Warriors’ Klay Thompson.

People had been noting this fact on Twitter for some time, but with the newfound spotlight of the NBA Finals, more folks are noticing, including the artist himself. He even said he wants to meet Thompson to give the world that side-by-side.

This is one of those things where the fantasy might actually be better than the reality, because of the potential for awkwardness. You know when one of your parents has a close college friend and insists that you should meet their similarly aged kids? After about the age of 10, that becomes an extremely dicey situation. It can go either horribly or awesomely, but sometimes you want to spare the embarrassment for everyone so you actually hang around your parents to avoid interaction. Let’s just imagine how this conversation would go.

Klay: Jon! What up, mane. Glad you could make it out to Oracle Arena.

Jon: Anytime. Hey, you wanna go see Popstar after the game? I hear Andy Samberg says I’m his idol. Isn’t that weird?

Klay: Uh, well. Okay.

Jon: Trust me, it’ll be fun. We can play role reversal. Do you mind if I shoot with you in warm-ups, like Drake did that one time with Kentucky?

Klay: Well, I’d have to ask coach.

Klay: Okay, maybe not.

Jon: All good. So, what’s your favorite song of mine?

Klay: I’ve never heard your music. But I did once dress as you for Halloween. People thought I was the guy from Color Me Badd.

Jon: Haha, I get that all the time. Well, good luck tonight. My favorite player on the Cavs is Kevin Love.

Klay: Me too! I appreciate the support. My mom is your biggest fan.

Is this really what we want? Yes, in fact, it is. Warriors, please make this happen.

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