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Killer Mike Shares Full NRA Interview After Controversy

black gun ownership, Entertainment, killer mike, nra tv, Run The Jewels, school walkouts, Television, TV -

Killer Mike Shares Full NRA Interview After Controversy


Killer Mike wants the full story of his National Rifle Association TV interview to be shared and so when NRA TV uploaded the complete sit-down, he quickly posted it on Instagram.

“I’m off the ‘whipping post’ but for all that [I] care about truth @colionnoir put the full convo about ‘African American Gun ownership’ up. @naaga_natl gets a major shout out and Blacks are encouraged to Join it as I have as an alternative to the NRA,” he wrote in a Wednesday, March 28 post. “Thanks to all who kept the ‘Faith’ in me. Your words were read and love was felt. To all the mob that yelled ‘hang him.’ I will never forget y’all too. The link is in my profile. Love and Respect to all.”

While the soundbites from the interview (“Wakanda, everyone had guns, and spears and everything else you needed”) made headlines and led the “Run The Jewels” MC to apologize, the full interview includes a wide-ranging conversation about the Parkland, Fla. school shooting,  Black gun ownership and gun control.

“As a unit, we have done more to protect our rights and freedoms with a gun than we are credited for,” he said of Black gun owners, a group of which his family is apart of.

Yet regardless of his previous statement that the NRA clip was “used as a weapon against” the Black community, he appeared to voice support for the organization.

“I look at the NRA as an effective lobbying group for my rights,” he says. “If you don’t like the NRA, get a million Black people to join. Go to the convention. Realize that this ain’t white people in hoods, just regular working class people like you that are probably going to be friendly and engage you. And then add your thoughts to the agenda.”

While many outlets picked up on his one-liner about the school walkouts following the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (“I love you, if you walk out that school, walk out of my house”), Mike also explained the reason why he isn’t in favor of banning assault rifles outright.

“You wanna ban a gun because it looks scary,” he says. “Handguns kill more people in America than rifles, and Coca-Cola and soda kills more people than handguns. You’re not trying to ban soda, and you’re not even smart enough to have the argument to ban handguns.”

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