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Lil’ Kim Slapped with Another Tax Lien Amid Bankruptcy Woes

Business, chapter 13 bankruptcy, Entertainment, Lil Kim Foreclosure, tax lein -

Lil’ Kim Slapped with Another Tax Lien Amid Bankruptcy Woes

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Lil’ Kim just can’t catch a break. After the rapper made headlines for being forced to file for bankruptcy and then made more news when the Chapter 13 filing was rejected, Kim has been hit with another tax lien.

The “All About the Benjamins” performer was slapped with a federal tax lien totaling $188,000, according to Bossip. The charge is linked to income the rapper collected back in 2006 and marks the third claim of its kind brought against Kim. The first came in 2016 when New Jersey filed a nearly $40,000 lien on Kim and the second one, $211,529 from January, is tied to Kim not paying taxes on her 2016 income.

Bossip reported Saturday there had been no record of the star, whose given name is Kimberly Denise Jones, paying back any of the liens as of Thursday, June 21.

To recoup the debt, the IRS typically goes after things like homes but Kim just filed for bankruptcy and as part of her settlement she offered to sell her foreclosed New Jersey home to begin to break even.

Among Kim’s assets are a 2005 Bentley valued at $52,600, a 2000 Mercedes priced at $4,200 and $25,000 worth of jewelry and cash totaling $2,500.

Even still, the claim was rejected, with the trustee saying in part that Kim is ineligible for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, as her secured and unsecured debts are each more than $2 million.

“The Chapter 13 Standing Trustee objects to Kimberly Jones’s Request for Loss Mitigation,” documents issued Wednesday, June 20 said. “Since Ms. Jones is not eligible to be a Chapter 13 Debtor, she should not be afforded the benefit of the Court’s Loss Mitigation Program in connection with this Chapter 13 Case.”

Throughout the financial struggles, however, it appears Kim is keeping her head up. When her bankruptcy filing became public, she said on Instagram Live, “You can’t quit. If you’re God’s child, you can’t be touched, boo.”

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