Locker Room Lawyer, Episode 3: Josh Norman The NFL cornerback’s recent decision to appear on Fox during the season gives The Undefeated its latest case

In this week’s edition of Locker Room Lawyer, Clinton Yates and Domonique Foxworth take the case of Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman to The Undefeated courtroom.

Norman recently agreed to a deal with Fox to appear on the network’s pregame show during the season. Originally, it was believed that no team officials knew about the deal, though Norman has since squashed those rumors.

The cornerback’s defense of his decision? “It’s my off time. I can do whatever I choose,” he told ESPN’s Dianna Russini on Wednesday.

Domonique, a former NFL cornerback, takes on the role of Locker Room Lawyer and defends Norman.

The question is what verdict will the judge come to? (Yes, this week, there is a judge.)

Check out the video, and if you have any professional athlete in mind (past or present) who needs the Locker Room Lawyer’s representation, feel free to email us at with episode ideas. Also, check out our weekly All Day Podcast.

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