Man Found Hanging Off a Bridge In Atlanta, But Is It a ‘Symbolic Lynch or Suicide?’

A man was found hanging from a bridge over Martin Luther King Jr. Drive around 6:30 p.m. Friday (Apr.27) evening in Atlanta, GA.

The incident occurred near the Atlanta University Center and police officials believe the victim committed suicide, the AJC reported. Carols Campos, Atlanta police spokesman, stated Saturday that no foul play was indicated.

Atlanta police Sgt. John Chafee, said the preliminary examination showed that a chain was wrapped around the victim’s neck and secured in different places. Chafee stated that keys were found in the male’s pockets. Investigators told police officials that a person around the area heard someone yelling “don’t do it” Chafee relayed to the news source.

The incident caused traffic delays in the area and one driver by the Twitter username JFN Hollywood recorded the tragedy, but it also left people questioning whether it was really a suicide or a possible racist message representing a lynching.

One Twitter user, Tariq Nasheed wrote, “Last week there was a Nazi rally in GA, and today a Black man was found hanging from the MLK Drive Bridge (look at the symbolism) in Atlanta. Police there are ruling it a suicide. THESE ARE NOT SUICIDES!”

Another user commented, “BLACK people don’t fit this profile. This is what it is… modern day slavery and lynching. The don’t do it was a false alarm to cover up.”

CRLBlahBlah said, “Forensically impossible for that to be a suicide……the length of the rope would make it impossible to do. This is homicide……racially motivated homicide.”

Police officials believe the victim was a Black male in his mid to late 20’s.

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