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Man kills his girlfriend for turning down his marriage proposal

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Man kills his girlfriend for turning down his marriage proposal

An Indiana man named Jason Eaton arrived at his girlfriend, Wendy Sabatini’s, home last week with an engagement ring, but Sabatini turned him down before he could even finish his question. He then shot her.

“Eaton advised that earlier in the afternoon, he was speaking to Sabatini in the upstairs bedroom and approached her with an engagement ring, with the intent to ask Sabatini to marry Eaton. Sabatini declined before he asked,” the court documents state. “Eaton said that he then retrieved a firearm from a nightstand and moved behind Sabatini, who was seated on the opposite side of the bed. Eaton said the gun fired, striking Sabatini in the head.”

— #ForeverDuncan: Man gives girlfriend surprise wedding six hours after proposal —

On October 25, Eaton went to the police and told them that he had killed Sabatini, and police arrived at her home to check on her. They were met by her son, who thought she was still at work.

“Officers searched the residence and found Sabatini deceased in an upstairs bedroom from an apparent single gunshot wound to the crown of her head,” official documents read. “A firearm located inside the bedroom was found and seized.”

The incident is now being investigated “with regard to intent, motive and timeline.”

Sabatini’s son, Lake, said that her mother had previously been divorced and simply did not want to get married again.

“Anybody instantly would fall in love when you met her,” he said. “She was a wonderful person.”

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