Selfless 8-year-old opens home bakery to buy his mom a new house Jalen Bailey can only put a smile on your face with his big ambition

Baking cakes, cookies, tarts and muffins is no daunting task for 8-year-old Jalen Bailey. Especially when the overall goal is to earn enough money to buy his mom a new house.

“I just want one that me and my mom can be happy in,” Jalen told ABC station KFSN-TV in Fresno, California.

In July, the California kid opened a home bakery and he takes online orders on his website.

“He’s very excited,” mom Sharhonda Mahan told ABC News. “It seems like the more orders he gets, the more excited he gets and the more serious he gets about his business.”

“I guess I would wrap it into feeling overwhelmed with joy,” Mahan added. “I’ve always wanted to raise him to be a selfless individual.”

According to ABC News, Jalen has all the permits he needs to bake his cookies in his home kitchen.

And the young entrepreneur obviously isn’t selfish. His company announced on its Facebook page that a portion of the proceeds from the bakery “will be used to fund Jalen’s 3rd annual back to school drive for homeless children. He is excited to make this year the year to give many backpacks full of supplies.”

According to, when Mahan learned of Jalen’s dreams she “sent him to a business workshop for kid entrepreneurs where he learned everything he needed to know about sales, marketing, and how to reach a target audience.”

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