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Student Refuses to Back Down from Confederate History Project, Claims It’s In His ‘Blood’

William Norman, a freshman at Nandua High School in Accomack County, Virginia refused to change his pro-slavery sided project even though school officials asked him to re-do the assignment.

After long consideration, the high school’s principal and the teacher asked Norman to change the confederated painted ceramic sculpture of a hand with “Robert E. Lee, history not hate” scribbled on the bottom because it promoted racism and was going to be exhibited at the school according to 13 News Now.

“I was going to do what I planned. They can’t approve it and then say you gotta change it after I worked so long on it. It’s not fair to me, or anybody,” Norman said. “I’m going to stand for what I think is right.”

The boy’s father, David Norman told the news station it was about taking pride in their heritage and stood behind his son’s controversial project.

“Robert E Lee was a third cousin… We were on the second ship from England that came to America, so my bloodline goes way back when America first started,” the father said. “I’m not a racist, the furthest thing from it. My son’s not a racist.”

The school allowed William’s project to be displayed after several school meetings. The parents said race doesn’t play a factor in their son project and they have no shame about their Confederate roots.

“People that may be racist might fly it but to me, it has nothing to do with racism. It’s my heritage, my blood, where I came from,” William assured.

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