‘Suicide Squad’ is a perfect date movie If you don’t consider yourself too cool for school

Once high school started, my life with comic books pretty much ended. I was never a collector of much more than cards, but gladly read my friends’ copies and listened to them talk about characters in stories, while I was more than happy to trade cards and, in earlier years, watch cartoons and play with the toys.

For me, Batman is Michael Keaton and Superman is Dean Cain. The only reason I have a remotely basic working knowledge of the Marvel vs. DC Comics world is because it’s required these days to live in the world of people who even talk about movies. All this is to say: I am not a nerd (Star Wars notwithstanding) nor a comic fanboy, even in its newly weaponized subverted pseudo-popular definition. Which is perhaps exactly why I loved this film.

Forget what all the critics flooded the internet with based on early previews Tuesday, Suicide Squad is fantastic. And if you’re looking for a date night flick, the Warner Bros. production is a great bet. It takes itself about as seriously as it needs to. Don’t forget, this is not real.

For one, we get the best kind of Will Smith. Not “one-man band on the marquee” Smith, but the guy that we grew to love as a character actor that could shine around a solid cast. He’s funny without being overly comedic and the family tale surrounding his character is heartwarming enough. Teaching a kid geometry through ballistics? Sure, why not.

We haven’t even mentioned Viola Davis yet. Her role as Amanda Waller, an intelligence officer running the ship for this ragtag group of meta-humans, is completely on-brand considering her recent run as the star of Shonda Rhimes’ TV series How to Get Away With Murder. Davis is badass, end of story.

Most importantly, however, is that for a movie about superhero and alien forces, the love stories are as humanly real as anything I’ve seen from a comic book tale on the big screen in a decade. Are you the type who needs a large manly figure to protect his ever-so-fragile flower of a lover? That’s there for you. Perhaps you were in an abusive relationship and looking to atone? They try to tackle that. Or you are living on the edge with your slightly crazy lover whom you may share with other people from time to time more your speed? Got that, too.

From first date to a night out with the spouse, this film will remind you of a time when your heart ran hot for someone, whether they’re sitting right next to you in the theater or not. Jared Leto as The Joker and Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn is a combo that deserves its own movie and subsequent television series. Mix that in with a storyline that’s easy to follow for even the most basic of comic book fans, and action sequences that don’t subject you to tons of blood, and you’ve got a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Plus, the soundtrack is a super banger.

If you’re fun at parties, you’ll love Suicide Squad. If not, there might not be another date night, anyways.

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