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T.I. slams ‘millennial’ haters after getting roasted over Tupac outfit

Entertainment, Hip Hop, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, T.I., Tupac -

T.I. slams ‘millennial’ haters after getting roasted over Tupac outfit

When T.I. performed at Tupac’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, he wore a replica of Tupac’s famous Death Row Records New York Times cover, and he got dragged all over the internet for it.

But T.I. wasn’t going to stand for the criticism, and it didn’t take long before he was throwing it right back at the haters, writing on Instagram, “Ya’ll young, forever commentating, over-opinionated young muuuf-ckaz got sh-t to say ALWAYZ,” alongside a side-by-side image of himself and Tupac in the same outfit.

He then blasted Rich Homie Quan for his tribute to Biggie in which he forgot the words to “Get Money” and accused millennials of not having the proper respect for the generation before them.

“Biggie sh-t went left because a muuuf-cka from YA’LL generation forgot the words,” he wrote.

See the entire post, and some of the reactions to his outfit, below.

Guess you just had to be there…. Y’all young,forever commentating,over-opinionated muuuufuckaz got shit to say ALWAYS!!! When the Biggie shit went left because a muuuufucka from YALL Generation forgot the words y’all had a fuckin FIT!!! Now some Real ni66az wit Real love in they hearts get up & dedicate themselves to honor the legacy of a True American HipHop Rock&Roll Legend,that would make Him & His Family Proud…. It’s some negative shit to be said about that as well… Well just let me say Thank You to @snoopdogg @yg #Tretch #Edi @aliciakeys for honoring my favorite artist of all time & @hbo for allowing US the opportunity to do so. It was an amazing night to remember. A real G was inducted into the Rock&Roll Hall Of Fame,& Everybody who was alive during this Era was satisfied. And THATS ALL THAT MATTERS!!!! This is OUR ERA…We determine whats what wit THIS SHIT HERE!!! So FUCK WHOEVER DONT LIKE IT!!!! We reject your deposit!!! Now Peace to da real OGs death to a Sucka,We OUT!!! – drops mic #RIPTupac #WelcomeToTheRockandRollHallofFame

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#TI performs “Keep Your Head Up” #Tupac

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