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The New KKK: Police Departments Across America Are Being Run By Members of the Klu Klux Klan

The New KKK: Police Departments Across America Are Being Run By Members of the Klu Klux Klan

The KKK are in Police Departments Across the Country.


A federal court found that members of a Los Angeles sheriffs department formed a Neo Nazi gang and habitua...lly terrorized the black community. Later, the Chicago police department fired Jon Burge, a detective with reputed ties to the Ku Klux Klan, after discovering he tortured over 100 black male suspects. Thereafter, the Mayor of Cleveland discovered that many of the city police locker rooms were infested with “White Power” graffiti. Years later, a Texas sheriff department discovered that two of its deputies were recruiters for the Klan.

At least seven San Francisco law enforcement officers were suspended after an investigation revealed they exchanged numerous “White Power” communications laden with remarks about “lynching African-Americans and burning crosses.” Three reputed Klan members that served as correction officers were arrested for conspiring to murder a black inmate. At least four Fort Lauderdale police officers were fired after an investigation found that the officers fantasized about killing black suspects. And these are just a few of thousands of reports of KKK activity within U.S. Police departments.

The United States doesn’t publicly track white supremacists, so the full range of their objectives remains unclear. But it is very clear that they target Black Citizens across the 50 states.

This video expose yet even more proof of what is being allowed in the Police Forces across the nation.
I've included MULTIPLE Links below that you should see as well! They all unravel the racist policing system used in this country!!

Click the links Below!

If you missed Part One to the video you just watched, here you go.
The Police and the Ku Klux Klan (Part One) :

By itself, this is MORE proof of the KKK and the police being the same
than anything else I've posted. See for yourself:

Slave Catchers aka Slave Patrols were the FIRST Police!…/police-originated-from-sla…/

FBI reports on the KKK's infiltration of Law Enforcement:

This WHOLE department was KKK:…/racist-police-in-alabama-planted-d…/

Texas Officers revealed to be KKK members:

Louisiana Officer caught giving Nazi Salute at KKK Rally:…/louisiana-fired-pictured-givin…

The KKK was in FULL effect at this department:

The KKK March in 2017 WITH the Police:

Look how a Long Time KKK affiliate made it to the White house:

Black Police Chief calls out KKK in Law Enforcement from the beginning…/black-missouri-police-chief-kkk-…/

Tim Wise says White People are Oblivious:

The Original Terrorist:
(Alternate Link)

The BLUE Klux Klan:

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VEttCarnes - November 24, 2017

This is nothing new at all. I attended school in Oklahoma where I was daily abused verbally by my teachers and principal. Hopefully one day we will rid ourselves of this deep seated hatred in our societies across the world. Until we do no one is safe, especially in the “black” communities.

Ida Simpson - August 28, 2017

All this racial prejudice didn’t just start it started long before President Trump became president I started experiencing it when President Obama was president the KKK and other white militant groups wanted to and showed White Power" I think President Obama should have had an out and out war against White Power groups starting with prejudice politicians, judges and law enforcement

Ida Simpson - August 28, 2017

Blacks Prohibited from utilizing Civil Rights 1st and 2nd amendments

I am a 77 year old black female my civil rights were violated by a police officer when she confiscated my newly purchased gun with a receipt of purchase and a valid FOID card

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