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Top 5 Stories You Missed While You Were Sleeping

Top 5
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Nas Releases New Rap Album: Hip-Hop artist Nas threw a listening party on Thursday in New York City for his 7 track album produced by Kanye West. His album is titled “Nasir” and dropped at 12 midnight on Friday, it can be streamed on YouTube.

Maryland Lineman Dies After Workout: 19-Year-Old Jordan McNair who played as an offensive lineman for the Maryland Terrapins died. The player was hospitalized for two weeks in May after a scheduled workout with his team and underwent a liver transplant last week.   The teen’s cause of death has yet to be determined.

Kellen Winslow Is Arrested on 9 Charges: The former NFL player Winslow was detained in San Diego on Thursday evening and is facing nine different charges. The athlete will be charged on two counts of kidnapping with intent to commit rape, two counts of forcible rape, two counts of residential burglary, one count of forcible sodomy, one count of forcible oral copulation and one count of indecent exposure, according to TMZ.

Roller Coaster Derails In Florida: A total of 6 people were hospitalized Thursday night after a roller coaster at the Daytona Beach boardwalk completely derailed and was left dangling off of the tracks. Two of the riders fell 34 feet to the ground and are in serious condition. The USA Today reported Daytona Beach Fire Department was able to rescue 10 other passengers.

Rosa Parks’ Family House Will Be Auctioned Off: After Civil Right’s activist Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery bus in 1957, she fled to Detroit, where her brother stayed, after receiving multiple death threats. Years later, the house was shipped to Berlin for reconstruction by her niece and now is set to be auctioned off in New York City.

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