Ubisoft Releases Black Hero Character in ‘Watch Dogs 2’ Trailer, White — United Black Books
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Ubisoft Releases Black Hero Character in ‘Watch Dogs 2’ Trailer, White Gamers Cry ‘Political Correctness’

A large group of gamer trolls came out against the new installment of the Watch Dogs franchise because many don’t want to play as the Black hacktivist in the game. The official trailer was released this week.

When the new trailer for Watch_Dogs 2 landed on UBisoft’s YouTube page Wednesday, many fans vented their frustrations about the main character being Black on Steamcommunity.com.

The main character is an Oakland-born hacker named Marcus Holloway. He was wrongly convicted of a crime when a crime-prediction algorithm pinpointed him at a crime scene.

Fusion.net reports that after the trailer dropped, the outraged gamers took to a  now-closed thread entitled “Shoehorned Black character why can’t we be Aiden?” where hundreds of disgruntled fans vented their frustrations and called for the return of the typical white protagonist. Several demanded the option to switch the race of Marcus. One Black gamer aptly pointed out the hypocrisy,

“Sooooooo why is it that black people don’t care what character they’re playing, as long as the game is good and white people makes it seems like it the end of the world if the character is black.”

Some remnants of those racist comments that the site moderators missed are below:






But other gamers were not having this racist nonsense.




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