Vogue’s ’73 Questions with Serena Williams’ It’s a must-see video

We all know Serena Williams as the best tennis player on the planet. But rarely have we been granted a peek at the tennis great’s sweet, funny and flirty side. A few highlights gleaned from the clip: Williams is above haters, terrible at basketball, owns all of her controversial fashion choices and thinks the funniest person she knows is “Aubrey,” whom we’ll assume is her rumored paramour, Drake.

A quick aside: Clinton Yates officially offered me this particular “Superena” item ostensibly because it falls in my style wheelhouse. Smarter minds know your boy was having difficulty dialing back his reflexive fawning factor. No shade on this side because that body! That dress! Speaking of which, skip ahead to the 6:55 mark for Williams’ dance moves that are just dying to be memed. Y’all can thank me later.

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