Woman Chases Down Teen Who Called Her the N-Word, Forces Him to Explai — United Black Books
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Woman Chases Down Teen Who Called Her the N-Word, Forces Him to Explain Himself — Then Facebook Pulled Her Video

A Black woman took matters into her own hands this week when she confronted a white teen who allegedly called her a racial slur in a store parking lot last month.

Facebook user “Ayo Henry” filmed the moment she rolled up on the suspected racist as he biked along the side of the road. The young woman said she spotted the teen from her car as she was driving home from practice.

“Hey you little s—t!” she shouts from the passenger’s side window. “Remember that time  you called me a n—-r?! Remember that.”

Frightened, the teen takes off on his bicycle, scurrying behind an apartment building. The woman isn’t far behind, however, as she hops out of her car and chases him.

“Run, Forrest, run!” she yells. “Run you little white supremacist piece of s–t. The n—–s gonna get ya!”

Once she finally catches up with him, she delivers a little tough love to the young man.

“Who’s your mother?” she repeatedly asks the teen. The boy eventually apologizes for his comments, saying he was in a “bad mood” that day. “Ayo Henry” then presses him further, asking where he picked up such language and racist attitudes.

“I was hanging out with the wrong people,” said the teen, who’s sporting a hoodie with a large Confederate flag emblazoned on it.

“It still looks like you’re hanging with the wrong people,” she replies sternly. “We’re all people. You understand that right?”

Frustrated, she leaves the teen with two nuggets of advice: rethink the shirt and the company you keep.

“I’m a mother, so you better take this as a lesson,” she said, noting that she could’ve been “the wrong Black person.” “I don’t know who’s kid you are, but you need to come correct.”

** UPDATE **
Hours after posting, Ayo Henry’s video was flagged and removed by Facebook for “violating community hate speech standards. ”

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