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3 Steps to Plan a Stay-Workcation

This weekend, me and my boo decided to take a “stay-workcation” at the L’Auberge Del Mar hotel and it was so refreshing! I actually want to do this at least once a quarter now, especially with so many lovely coastal areas within an hour from our home in San Diego.

Del Mar is a small beach town about 30 minutes from San Diego. We spent time working, planning, talking, laughing, walking on the beach and of course eating some good food. We are both huge “foodies” lol. To celebrate our progress, we went to Jake’s for brunch. Loved the amazing ocean view!

I posted a few Instagram stories of our weekend experience (follow me @happyblackwoman) and many women DM’ed me and said they loved the idea! So I wanted to share more info here on my blog as well.

Here’s the deal – if you’ve been stuck, procrastinating, or feeling stagnant in your business, then try a “stay-workcation.”

Sometimes you can get so much MORE accomplished when you go outside of your normal environment! And the good news is that you won’t have to travel very far.

We chose to drive just 30 minutes away and it felt like a whole different vibe than the neighborhood we live in.

Here’s how to plan a “stay-workcation” for yourself:

STEP 1: Book 1-2 nights in a hotel, resort or Airbnb near your home. Pick a place that is quiet, beautiful and inspires you! To make this a quick weekend trip, be sure you don’t have to drive more than an hour each way. You want to be able to spend most of your time working and playing – not driving!

STEP 2: Make a list or an agenda for what you want to get done in your business. Be specific and identify exactly what you want to accomplish while you’re away.

For example:

  • set up website
  • finish sales page
  • write email autoresponder series and put in Mailchimp/Infusionsoft
  • finalize Powerpoint slides for webinar
  • create opt-in page for free cupcake
  • publish registration page for event
  • make marketing videos for new offer
  • update bio, website, social media profiles

STEP 3: Celebrate your progress! You can do this with a yummy brunch or dinner on the hotel property, indulge in a luxury spa treatment, buy yourself a new perfume, etc. However you choose to reward yourself, savor the moment and enjoy it to the fullest because baby, you earned it!

LEAVE A COMMENT: What kind of “stay-workcation” could you take before the end of the year? Where could you go? What could you accomplish? Post below and let me know!

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