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Are You Addicted to Being Stuck?

Lately, I’ve been having some interesting conversations with women in our Happy Black Woman tribe about what’s holding them back from launching their business this year. I’ve noticed that one phrase in particular has been coming up again and again. If you’ve heard the following phrase come out of your mouth, then this message is for you!

“I really want to start my business, but I’m stuck.”

I’ve been coaching women for 10 years now, so this conversation isn’t new to me. What I’ve found is that it’s useful to understand what causes you to feel stuck – because then you can overcome it.

Here’s the truth:

“I want to, but I’m stuck” is a learned language pattern that shows up when you can’t see the possibilities in front of you. Especially if you’ve been “stuck” for a long time.

How do I know this? Because I’ve coached so many women who have been “stuck” for years who go from 0 to launching their business within 8 weeks or less! Through these experiences, I have discovered that being stuck is a state that you can quickly shift out of once you ask for help.

So whenever you find yourself saying “I want to, but I’m stuck” it means you have literally trained yourself to see obstacles instead of opportunities.

It means that at some point in your life, you began thinking on autopilot, having convinced yourself that what you want isn’t even possible. So why even entertain it?

Sure, you see other people doing what you want to do, but they must be special. They must have something you don’t have or know something you don’t know. They must not have grown up the way you did or made the mistakes you made.

Eventually, you realized it was actually EASIER to just stay stuck instead of getting the help you needed to move forward.

Because when you’re stuck, you don’t have to take action. You get to have a pity party. You get to feel sorry for yourself. You get to whine and complain about how everyone else has it better or easier than you.

Eventually, you can even become ADDICTED to being stuck.

But here’s what’s really fascinating…

You’re not really “stuck.”

You’re SCARED.

In fact, you’re SO scared that you’ve given up on your dreams to the point where you won’t even try.

Sure, you’ll watch the free webinars.

You’ll sign up for the downloadable checklists.

You may even enroll in the $97 course.

But you won’t really do the work.

You won’t make the biggest investment of all.


You refuse to believe in yourself enough to go ALL IN with your dream of becoming a successful Black woman entrepreneur.

You hold back instead of stepping into your power as the Queen you were born to be.

Isn’t it time for that to stop?

Of course, the choice is yours.

You can choose to stay on the sidelines for yet another year.


You can decide to LET GO of the excuses, the procrastination, the self-sabotage and the scarcity mindset that’s been keeping you from building a successful business for far too long.

Which one will it be? Leave a comment and let me know.

Believing in you,


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