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Are You Settling for a Plan B Life?

Over the years since I first started Happy Black Woman, I’ve achieved several big goals for my life and business such as quitting my job, launching 2 businesses, hosting dozens of transformational events for Black women around the world, coaching and mentoring my dream clients, growing my current business to multiple 6-figures, being able to live in beautiful neighborhoods near the beach in Hawaii and California, building a healthy romantic relationship with my partner, paying off all my student loans, taking bucket list trips to places like Spain, Greece, Bali and Morocco, working with some of the best mentors and coaches in my industry, publishing 2 books, raising money for my favorite nonprofit and making my health and wellness a priority.

And of course, there’s still SO much more I want to do!

Although it’s easy to just keep working non-stop, always running toward the next goal, lately I’ve been taking time to celebrate and be in gratitude for how PROUD I am of myself for creating my “Plan A” life after years of conforming to what I thought my life was “supposed” to look like.

As Black women, so many of us struggle with putting ourselves first, honoring our true desires and prioritizing our happiness.

It could be due to the way you were raised, the environment you grew up in, the behavior that was modeled for you or even the religion you were taught.

For whatever reason, many of us find it easier to just settle for Plan B than to do what it takes to accomplish our Plan A.

What’s Plan A?

Plan A is your ideal life.

It’s what you truly DESIRE.

It’s YOUR dream, not what everyone else thinks you should do.

Most women have a Plan A, but they’re so afraid that it won’t happen that they spend most of their time on Plan B.

Plan B is the “secure” route.

It’s all the boring stuff you think you have to do first, BEFORE you can have what you really want.

It’s all the distractions you’ve created to put off making scary decisions about your life.

It’s that job you hate.

It’s the city you’ve been ready to leave.

It’s all the relationships you’ve grown out of.

The problem with Plan B?

If you spend too much time on it, your Plan A will never happen.

What does focusing on your Plan A look like?

It could look like actually taking action on your vision TODAY instead of “one day when…”

It could look like researching how much it would cost to move to your ideal location and then creating a detailed PLAN to get there.

It could look like starting that business you’ve been talking about for YEARS.

It could look like finally bursting out of your cocoon and emerging as a beautiful butterfly who is ready to take on the world.

By any means necessary.

Be honest…where are you spending most of your time right now?

Plan A or Plan B?

Remember, what you focus on will grow.

And I’m living proof that when you focus on Plan A, you will get there so much faster than you ever thought possible.

Please stop settling for a Plan B life when you deserve so much more.

I believe in you.



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