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Declare It As Already Done

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho

I’m writing this from the plane, heading from San Diego to Marrakech, Morocco.

It’s about an 18-hour flight with 2 stops in Dallas and Madrid. But as long as I have wi-fi, my journal and a good book, it’s all good!

As I was sitting in the airport lounge this morning, I overheard conversations around me, noticing the language people use to talk about their goals.

What struck me is that we truly live in a “hope, wish and try” society.

What I mean by that is we are conditioned NOT to expect to get what we want.


But we are taught not to get our hopes up TOO high, because it might not happen.


But we are taught not to take our wishes TOO seriously, because otherwise people might think we’re crazy.


But we are taught not to try TOO hard, because we might be disappointed.

Even our language reflects this.

You’re “hoping” to buy your dream house.

You’re “wishing” you could travel the world.

You’re “trying” to get a better job. 

You’re “hoping” to find a good man.

You’re “wishing” you could take better care of yourself. 

You’re “trying” to grow your business.

Why hope and wish and try when you can just declare it as already DONE?

Your language would need to change.

I AM buying a beautiful house.

I AM making plans to travel to my dream destinations.

I AM taking exquisite care of myself.

I AM attracting the right man for me.

I AM growing a 6-figure business.

I AM starting a new job soon.

This simple shift in the words you use to describe your situation can dramatically affect your results.

As soon as I stopped using words like “hope” and “wish” and “try” when discussing my goals, dreams and desires, I actually started getting what I wanted!

Instead, I began saying things like:

“It’s a done deal.”

Once I decided to live in the space of positive expectation, my reality started to change to reflect my new mindset.

THIS is how you reach your goals faster than you ever thought possible:

Ask for what you want and expect to get it.

Declare it as already done.

And watch the universe go to work on your behalf.



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