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For Black Women Who Forget Their Power When it Gets Too Hard

“You are very powerful, provided you know how powerful you are.” – Yogi Bhajan

Of course.

You are a 10, ALL IN, no matter what.

You are a HELL YES for your big goals and dreams.

No one can stop you.

No one can hold you back.

That is…

Until it gets hard.

Until it feels difficult.

Until it starts to require a lot of work.

Until you have to invest some money.

Until you have to give up your guilty pleasures.

Until you have to stop watching TV.

Until you have to sacrifice time with your family.

Until you have to stay up late and wake up early.

Until it gets REAL.


Then, that’s when you start to back down.

That’s when you begin to pull away from those strong words and affirmations.

That’s when you go from “I got this!” to…

“Can I really do this?”


“Who am I to do this?”

You go from absolute faith to paralyzing fear.

You let other people discourage and distract you.


Have you forgotten just how powerful you are?

Not exactly.

Because deep down, you KNOW who you really are.

But when it all gets too hard, it’s even harder to remember what you’re truly capable of.

No matter what it LOOKS like right now, remember that:

You are a creative being with the power to change your reality.

Remember that you deserve more – much more – for your life.

And then – start acting like it.



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