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HBW 004: How to Do Less and Be More with Queen Code Founder Molesey Crawford

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HBW 004: How to Do Less and Be More with Queen Code Founder Molesey Crawford

In today’s episode of The Happy Black Woman Podcast, we have the honor of speaking with Molesey Crawford, founder of “The Queen Code,” a personal development community that is changing the lives of women all over the globe. As you listen to this episode you’re going to hear how Molesey learned about her own feminine desires and self, how she channeled that into a business that was true to who she really is, and how that business has grown to provide her with the true channel of expression and purpose she was meant to have while providing her and her family with the freedom they enjoy today. Be sure to take the time to listen to this one, it’s a real gem.

What IS the Queen Code?

Molesey’s journey toward becoming the founder of the Queen Code has not been overnight or easy. It’s through that journey that she discovered the principles of the Queen Code in the first place (as it should be, right?). She believes that there’s a feminine evolution happening in the hearts of women all around the globe. Women are beginning to awaken to the truth that they are here for a reason. She believes that women all over the globe are feeling the calling to return, rebirth, reconnect, recover, remember and reclaim their feminine birthright. She desires to support those women on a journey of deep healing and transformation. Hear more of her journey to those realizations and how she’s helping women all over the world as you listen to this episode.

You need the “know who” before you need the “know how” – @thequeencode
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Finding a mentor early on made all the difference.

Molesey’s business was still very small and she had almost no money when she first decided to find and pay for a mentor – and she’s never regretted it. In fact, that decision was the catalyst to moving her life and business forward in a powerful way. She started with $10 a month as part of a coaching program and now has elevated her involvement with her coach to a much higher level, and it’s continued to reap great rewards. If you’re stuck, needing help, or even moving backwards in your entrepreneurial or personal development, you may need to take that bold step and find a coach or mentor that fits your lifestyle. These two ladies (Molesey or Rosetta) may be just what you need. Find out more on this episode.

“The longer we stay in indecision, the longer we are kept from what we want” – @thequeencode
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Be. Do. Have. That’s the sequence in which personal transformation and business success comes.

Molesey Crawford has discovered that nobody can have a truly free lifestyle and invigorating business without first going through this necessary sequence. BE – has to do with discovering who you are and what you are passionate about. Only when you function out of the fullness of your identity are you able to bring your intended value to the world. DO – This is the action step, where you put your dreams and calling into action. Most people start here and find themselves spinning their wheels and becoming burned out and frustrated as a result. HAVE – This is the aspect where you begin to receive the fruits of your labors and see the fulfillment of the calling you’re acting on. Hear Molesey explain this progression on this episode.

Slow down so your blessings can catch you.

Too often women are so busy doing that they fail to BE who they truly are. Too often they believe that what they do is what makes them who they are. But the reverse is true. It’s time to stop all the hustle and busy-ness so that you can find your true self, learn to do your work out of that place, and see the blessings that flow more naturally as a result. Moseley Crawford has learned these principles and they are what guide her work at The Queen Code. Hear her explain the importance of embracing and applying these concepts on this great episode of The Happy Black Woman, with Rosetta Thurman.

“Queens! Slow down so your blessings can catch you.” – @thequeencode
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Outline of this great episode:

  • [0:24] Welcome and introduction of Molesey Crawford, today’s guest.
  • [1:30] What is the “Queen Code” and Molesey’s calling?
  • [3:56] What caused Molesey to turn her passion into a business?
  • [6:40] A typical day for Molesey in her business and life.
  • [11:13] At what point in your journey did you realize you needed a mentor?
  • [15:15] The value of making an investment in herself.
  • [15:54] Why “Be, Do, Have” is so important.
  • [22:51] What does freedom look like to Molesey?
  • [26:50] Molesey’s favorite book for inspiration.
  • [30:52] Do you have any other personal mantras you live by?
  • [32:59] The #1 tip Molesey gives to women wanting to start a business.
  • [34:55] How to find out more about Molesey and the Queen Code.  

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