HBW 007: Sales is About Service: A Soulful Conversation with Natasha Allrich

Natasha Allrich is Rosetta’s guest today on the Happy Black Woman Podcast and she’s got a wealth of inspiring, soul-stirring encouragement for you. Natasha is known as the Soulful Sales Expert and she specializes in helping entrepreneurs who hate to sell but know it’s necessary. Her goal is to show you how to STOP selling and START having conversations that convert into clients. It’s an amazing mindset shift and practice that often results in immediate, multiplying sales growth. In today’s conversation Natasha shares her own daily routines, how she stays on track in her business, and the mindset shifts that help you turn sales into a service rather than a pitch. You’ll be enriched by listening to this episode.

How Natasha Allrich discovered that the problem she had with sales was a problem of receiving.

Natasha learned her elementary sales skills from envisioning and promoting a non-profit organization that was close to her heart. It was easy for her to step into that role, to ask people to join her in a vision aimed at helping children across the globe learn how to read. She saw it as being an advocate for the children and helping others come alongside her to be an advocate as well. When someone brought it to her attention that she was actually selling by asking for donations, she resisted the idea. It seemed too selfish to call it selling but in time, she saw that it was true. That began her personal mindset shift. She began to see that she had a hard time speaking of “selling” because she had a hard time receiving from others. Hear the entire story on this episode.

“Our problem with sales is about our ability to receive.” – @natashaallrich
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Sales is about service: to others and to yourself.

One of the biggest reasons women entrepreneurs mention as why selling is difficult for them is that it seems pushy or sleazy. Do you see how that impression is as much a mindset as it is a reality? Surely you’ve been served by a salesperson who didn’t seem that way, right? What was different in that situation? It’s likely that you felt the sales person was truly interested in you and eager to serve you to meet the need you had. Natasha Allrich says that one of the most important mindset shifts that needs to happen around selling is this: Selling is about service – to you and to the potential buyer. You are helping them and they are helping you. It’s a win-win sales situation. Natasha’s refreshing way of approaching sales will get you excited about the possibilities of taking on a new approach to this often troublesome area of business. Listen in to this episode to hear all the details of her approach.

Black women are taught that it’s not OK to ask for help. It’s a lie.

In her successful coaching and sales career, Natasha Allrich has learned that rethinking her role as a business owner and entrepreneur included reconsidering what she could actually do on her own and what she couldn’t. Deep inside her was a belief that it wasn’t OK for her to ask for help or to rely on others to complete certain aspects of her goals or dreams. When she came to the realization that she MUST rely on others, a new journey began. In this episode of Happy Black Woman Natasha shares her journey of overcoming that limiting belief and how asking for help is essential to business and the sales process. You won’t want to miss this helpful conversation.

“Black women are taught that it’s not OK to ask for help. It’s not true.” – @natashaallrich
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Every morning, set yourself up for a win.

One of the questions Rosetta asks Natasha Allrich in this engaging conversation has to do with her daily routine and Natasha generously shares the steps she takes every morning to prepare herself for the day. In her mind it’s a mental, spiritual, and physical workout, a time to set herself up for a win during that day. Her practices include gratitude, meditation, movement, and other things that help her get her mind in the right place and her attitude ready to take on the challenges the day will bring. There’s surely something helpful for you in her simple but powerful routine so make sure you set aside time to listen to Rosetta’s conversation with this warm, genuine woman.

“Every morning, set yourself up for a win, then you’re ready for the day!”- @natashaallrich
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Outline of this great episode:

  • [0:24] Introduction of Natasha Allrich.
  • [1:55] Natasha’s work and mission: Empower, Excite, Equip.
  • [5:58] How Natasha discovered that the problem with sales is often a problem of receiving.
  • [10:22] How sales is an “asking” process.
  • [11:15] How Natasha got into teaching about sales.
  • [18:46] Natasha’s typical workday and way of managing her business.
  • [28:50] How Natasha stays on track with her business goals.
  • [34:31] Natasha’s favorite book.
  • [36:31] A personal mantra Natasha lives by.
  • [39:50] Natasha’s #1 quick tip for Happy Black Woman entrepreneurs starting out.
  • [42:19] How to connect with Natasha.

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“We can only take ourselves so far. We need help from others to do more.” – @natashaallrich
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“Sales is synonymous with service: serving you and serving others” – @natashaallrich
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