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HBW 017: Announcing Black History Month Interview Series: 29 Black Women Entrepreneurs!

Happy February! Here on the Happy Black Woman Podcast we’re celebrating Black History Month, a perfect opportunity to acknowledge the incredible achievements of Black women business owners in our community. Today’s episode outlines exactly what you can expect on the podcast this month and YOU can get involved in spreading the good news about our special Black History Month Series: 29 Black Women Entrepreneurs!

Join Rosetta Thurman and 29 black women entrepreneurs to celebrate Black History Month
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Thank you for your support and your interest in the Happy Black Woman tribe and please do what you can to share this great month of interviews from 29 successful black women entrepreneurs Rosetta will be featuring on her show.

Outline of this great episode:

  • [0:24] Rosetta’s welcome and introduction to this month’s podcast theme.
  • [0:45] Why a special series for Black History Month?
  • [1:21] What you can expect from this special interview series.
  • [1:58] How you can participate and benefit most.
  • [2:33] Would you help Rosetta share these episodes or leave a rating or review?

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Need some motivation to launch your business this year? Join @Happy Black Woman for her “29 Black Women Entrepreneurs” podcast interview series to celebrate Black History Month! Featured black women business owners include Lisa Nichols, Valorie Burton, Zenovia Andrews, Rev. Jenenne Macklin and Patrice Grell Yursik aka “Afrobella.” Click here to listen: http://bit.ly/29blackwomenentrepreneurs
Sample Twitter post:
Need motivation to launch your business? Listen to @happyblackwoman’s “29 Black Women Entrepreneurs” podcast series! http://bit.ly/29blackwomenentrepreneurs

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